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Habanero Orange Chilli Peppers - 25 Seeds- Hottest Chilly Pepper in the World
Habanero Orange Chilli Peppers - 25 Seeds- Hottest Chilly Pepper in the World
Turn up the heat in your garden - and kitchen - by growing habanero peppers. These fruits rank among the hottest peppers: 100 times hotter than jalapeños. Plants bear heavily in summer heat and humidity; anticipate harvesting dozens of peppers per plant, depending on how long your growing season is. In our GreenHill garden, where we harvest from June through October and growing conditions are ideal, we pick over 200 peppers per plant. The small, lantern-shaped fruits add color to the garden, turning from green to orange as they ripen.   Habanero plants grow well in containers. Use caution; however, to keep plants away from where children play. The colorful, cute fruits attract attention and beg picking. Grabbing the fruits can release capsaicin, which can burn skin.   Peppers are very cold-sensitive. Plant in spring to early summer starting anytime about two weeks after the last spring frost. If you like to plant a little early to start harvesting earlier, be prepared to protect plants from possible frost and keep them a little warmer with a row cover. Plant spacing: 18 inches apart in rows 30 inches apart; 12 to 18 inches in intensive gardens. One plant per 18-inch container. Plants per person: 1 for fresh use; 2 to 4 for drying, freezing, or making jelly. Again, unlike red / green peppers or even jalapeno peppers, you shouldn't add them to a sandwich, salad! Handle with gloves, and Keep Out of Reach of Children.   Sun: Full sun Harvest Size: 1 to 2 inches long, 1.5 inches wide Days to Harvest: 95 Plant size: 24 to 36 inches tall, 18 inches wide Scoville units:: 100,000 to 300,000 (extreme)
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