Terms & Conditions

Notice to International Buyers: If you are not sure of Customs and Import Policies for your particular country, please check with them before purchasing. We ship to all countries, but cannot be held liable if shipments are held up or retained in your Customs. Please read and follow grow instructions. You need to understand the botany term of STRATIFICATION (seeds are treated to simulate winter conditions so that germination may occur). Most berry seeds need to be stratified in cold condition for at least 3 months to break dormancy. Berry seeds germinating is challenging; however, they do germinate. The results vary depending on how you manage stratification, the ph, moisture and temperature of the starter kits . They usually do well when you sow them directly into slight acidic soil in later fall and let them do natural germinating process over the cold winter in the soil outdoor, The seedlings or young plants will appear in next March /April in North America.