Conditions of Membership

Membership in the Association shall be limited to Aviation Programs delivered by or under the direction of Colleges or Universities with interest in furthering the goals of the Association.They shall consist of those Aviation Programs which meet the specified criteria , and whose membership is approved by the existing board of directors of the Association.

New members must:

a. Provide full-time post secondary education for a minimum of two years or four semesters resulting in a Community College diploma or University degree.

b. Be chartered as public post-secondary institutions by the applicable provincial educational authority to grant diplomas or degrees in the aviation specialty program(s) offered.

c. The member must establish and maintain a system of quality control over all aspects of coop, laboratory, and practical components of the program. This restriction also applies to the flight training component if offered. This provision is not designed to preclude a college or university from contracting its flight training to an external agency as long as the college’s quality control system can be demonstrated to be effective. Should an institution elect to contract any part of the syllabus to an outside agency, it shall ensure that the deliverer of the contract training and its staff are providing education at the appropriate college/university level. Further, the college/university must establish a monitor and feedback system to oversee the qualifications of faculty and suitability of curriculum. In short the contracted component of the syllabus must meet the standards for college/university credit.

The Board of Directors of the Association shall have final authority to determine if an applicant institution meets the above criteria.